Marieke Knight. Dr Julie e Silva. Colin Beattie.

Discovering Wellness and Purpose - overcoming noise and distraction.

The second conversation showcased at the Hacking HR live event recorded in Melbourne Australia.

November 2019

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Featuring Damian Zahra. Alice Sidhu. Colin Beattie.

Our conversation about Leadership. Empathy. And LifeLongLearning.

Thanks to Hacking HR and Lander & Rogers.

Recorded live in Melbourne Australia.

Thanks to our generous guests and amazing listeners.

There are 4 minis in this series. We hope you check them all out.



Recorded Live in Melbourne Australia in November 2019.

Featuring 4 conversations

- Leadership

- Wellness & Purpose

- Diversity & Belonging

- Skills

With our amazing guests Damian Zahra, Alice Sidhu, Julie E'silva, Marike Knight, Sharyn Morton, Francheska E'silva, Lorna Deng, James Sackl.

And hosts Amanda Buckley, Rik Brown & Colin Beattie




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Our #halloween episode - the definitive say on a range of workplace mysteries.

Gina McCartney. Rik Brown. Colin Beattie. Amanda Buckley.

Logo Design. Will Beattie.


Nat Feehan, Colin Beattie & Host Amanda Buckley revisit one of most popular episode topics - Impostor Syndrome.

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What can we say!

Rik Brown, Amanda Buckley and Colin Beattie have a conversation.

It has something to do with writing a book.

Not sure you will learn heaps from this one - but it was fun.

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Rik Brown, Alice Sidhu, Kate Temby, Todd Lichti & Chris Carroll

Recorded live at MYOB Partner Connect 2019.

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A leadership conversation with "Rocky of Balboa"

Check out Rik Brown's wonderful new show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

This is one is especially suited for fans of Rocky III.


Featuring Mo Bhargava, Ben Hill, Alice Sidhu & Rik Brown.

How can Australian organisations lead the way through genuine diversity?

Exploring diversity of thought, culture, age, gender, experience.

A truly thought provoking discussion and a perfect complement to our recent IWD episode.

Mo and Ben are experienced Marketing Executives and they face into this conversation with insight, courage and curiosity.

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A podcast celebrating

Featuring Nat Feehan, Alice Sidhu, Simone Carroll and Kate Temby.

  • Balance within Self
  • Balance within Home, Family & Domestic
  • Balance within Wealth
  • Balance within Media
  • Balance within Board Rooms

Shining a light on people and organisations doing it brilliantly.

Making the most of this moment in history.

The Power of Equanimity

Actionable Insight.

Music recorded in LoF studio by Nigel Dalton and Ash Naylor.

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