A re-release of one of most popular episodes. It is one many people say they re-listen to.

Alice Sidhu, Simone Carroll, Amanda Buckley and Colin Beattie at their best.

Really valuable for business owners - big or small, retailers, service providers, team leaders and people wanting to make a difference.

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Rik Brown, Alice Sidhu, Adam Ferguson and our special guest David Marquet Commander of the nuclear submarine Santa Fe.


Please enjoy this conversation about practical ways to approach leadership.

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This may be the best 15 minute block of Leadership of Fools so far.

The four of us - Kate Temby, Chris Carroll, Colin Beattie and Rik Brown - cut to the chase on Coaching Judgement, on providing Carity, and on focusing on the Main Game. How to be at your best.

At the heart of - Getting the right stuff done.

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Kate Temby - Experienced Financial Services Executive & Survivor Contestent

Chris Carroll - Current CEO & former NBL basketballer.

With Hosts Rik Brown & Colin Beattie.



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A one-on-one conversation with Graham Plant.

A story of personal challenge, resilience and giving back.


(Catalyst "Alzheimers - can we prevent it")


(Graham's website during the marathon)


(Graham's coaching business)






Peggy O'Neal - Richmond Football Club President and Lawyer at Lander & Rogers

Tim Reed - MYOB CEO and Male Champion of Change.

With Hosts Colin Beattie & Amanda Buckley



At Leadership of Fools we believe that some of the most inspiring, entertaining and engaging leadership conversations take place behind closed doors.

We are committed to opening those doors.

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Anushia Vijay, Ben Lemon, David Henderson, Gina McCartney, Damian Zahra.

Being who you are as a Leader

Turning up the dial on innovation

Getting better at leading Change

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Kieran Fitzpatrick, Adam Ferguson, Colin Beattie & Rik Brown

Why is it that not every senior manager makes the transition to Executive or succeeds at an Executive Level of an organisation?

- What is the difference b/w an executive and senior management role?

- Choosing b/w right and right.

- Letting go of mindsets and approaches that hold you back.

- And a very deliberate attempt to Pivot the podcast to attract a certain very passionate fan group.

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Ashley Naylor, Nigel Dalton, Rik Brown & Colin Beattie

A special episode - including live music and a wonderful conversation about how closely life in organisations is to being in a band.

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Karl McConnell, Rik Brown, Amanda Buckley & Colin Beattie

Executive Free zone today.

If you have connected with the improvisation (story-telling without scripts) side of the show - then this one is for you. It's a bit longer than normal.

Conversations are improvised and for that reason - highly skilled improvisers are perfectly positioned to explore conversations.

I will spend some time over the next week unpacking the HiiTs from this episode on both the website and linkedin.




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