Steph Clarke and Colin Beattie examine where to from here for:

1. Proper Flexibility in Workplaces

2. Learning for Modern Humans

3. The death of Values

And much much more. Steph is a wonderful curator for leadership, learning and workplaces and here are just some of the things she referred to.


What can we learn from improvisation during a time of uncertainty?

Rik Brown, Amanda Buckley and Colin Beattie explore:

- Dealing with the unexpected

- Circles of Expectation

- Being Present

- Naming emotions

- TikTok, Baking and the Ukelele

Navigating Uncertainty

A follow up to our episode on Leading through Heightened Anxiety.

Seven Gems that should make a real difference

1. Safety

2. SelfCare

3. Validate

4. Control

5. Present

6. Decision

7. Communicate

We have made a one page information sheet available via our Linked In Company Page and our Instagram Feed

Marike Knight and Colin Beattie explore

1) What is anxiety and what should leaders know about it?

2) How to manage yourself through heightened states of anxiety

3) Leaders responsibilities to their teams

We will be publishing some additional action plans on

So I would encourage you to follow this page. 

These are challenging times for all and we encourage you to be gentle on each other and gentle on yourself.

Leaders in Film

We would love it if you could join our vote for the best, most inspiring, most effective leader in film. March Madness style

Voting Bracket

Have fun.

So pleased to have L. David Marquet join us again to discuss his latest book - "Leadership is Language."

You are in the very capable hands of Rik Brown & Adam Ferguson - in Australia and David joins us from his home in the United States.

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Films of the Decade

A little bit of a vanity project.

LeaderShip of Films. A Top 10 countdown of the best films of the past decade.

Not much leadership discussion on this one. And some controversy too.

Rik Brown.

Carl Spurling.

Will Beattie.

Amanda Buckley.

Colin Beattie.




Why hack HR?

Enrique Rubio. Simone Carroll. Colin Beattie.

Exploring questions around why HR must reinvent now.

How can HR people shape workplaces of the future.

Leading with humanity first and technology second.

What it takes to embrace learning and push beyond our comfort zone.

Signifying a collaboration b/w #hackinghr and #leadershipoffools (HR edition)

And hold out until the end of the episode to hear from Enrique and all of the incredible opportunities to build a compelling and engaged HR network across the globe. No better time to be part of the HR profession.

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Love it Love it Love it

2019 Full of wisdom and insights and generosity.

And who knew this episode would go down such unexpected paths.

May well be the funniest episode in 2019 too.

Thank you all for listening in 2019 and we will be back bigger and better in 2020.






Success Redefined

Todd Lichti, Kate Temby, Alice Sidhu & Rik Brown.

Incredible conversation that explores what success really means, careers, ego, #projectme, NBA basketball, first kisses, and fan fiction.

This episode is definitely worth a listen. Goes to unexpected places. Full of wisdom from four highly successful people.

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