A leadership conversation with "Rocky of Balboa"

Check out Rik Brown's wonderful new show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

This is one is especially suited for fans of Rocky III.


Featuring Mo Bhargava, Ben Hill, Alice Sidhu & Rik Brown.

How can Australian organisations lead the way through genuine diversity?

Exploring diversity of thought, culture, age, gender, experience.

A truly thought provoking discussion and a perfect complement to our recent IWD episode.

Mo and Ben are experienced Marketing Executives and they face into this conversation with insight, courage and curiosity.

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A podcast celebrating internationalwomensday.com

Featuring Nat Feehan, Alice Sidhu, Simone Carroll and Kate Temby.

  • Balance within Self
  • Balance within Home, Family & Domestic
  • Balance within Wealth
  • Balance within Media
  • Balance within Board Rooms

Shining a light on people and organisations doing it brilliantly.

Making the most of this moment in history.

The Power of Equanimity

Actionable Insight.

Music recorded in LoF studio by Nigel Dalton and Ash Naylor.

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This episode features Trish Barbato, Kate Temby and Colin Beattie.

It is a recent case study in impactful innovation. What makes it more impressive is that this innovation is achieved within the highly regulated and often conservative Senior Living sector.

There are so many action-able parts of this discussion. 

And it is both business savvy and very very human.

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Celebrating 21st of December or #gravyday - Paul Kelly's moving ode to xmas - a re-release of an episode about Music and Leadership.

With Ash Naylor who regularly plays lead guitar for Paul Kelly and with Nigel Dalton who bring such wisdom to the world of tech, teams and trying everything.

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We had such a great response to Leadership Insights from 2018 that we rushed back to the studio for the sequel.

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And we wish everyone a great end to 2018.



LeaderShip of Films - our 2019 podcast about the movies that can teach us about leadership, teamwork, ambition and the human experience.


Please select the films from our list of 20 - that would love to hear us cover.

The films that inspire you...

That you haven't seen or haven't seen in ages...

That you are curious to gain insight from...

Or the movies you just love.

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And Opening Audio Credit to Ocean's 11, Rocky 3 and Devil wears Prada.







Just had to re-release this episode recorded in April in 2018.

So many of the Leadership Insights connect to the big societal change we are are experiencing.

Times of change are confusing, inconsistent and surprising - we are living through an important time.

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Leaders prepared to laugh, learn and lead.

Featuring Rik Brown and Colin Beattie as we count down 12 leadership insights from our loyal listeners.

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On this episode we "shout out" many people and we are certain we have missed people and if we did, we are sorry, and we thank you for supporting us.

And a disclaimer - BigGainAllBran - featuring in the last few minutes of this episode is my son's YouTube channel. It is made by a team of 16 year olds. All fans of LoF. We can't guarantee it is good watching - and almost certainly is aimed at a teen market.

See you in 2019.

Podcasting empowers human conversation with digital scale.

We believe it is the best of digital.

And we are unapologetic about its benefits for organisations.

So join the team - Rik Brown. Alice Sidhu and Colin Beattie for a shameless plug - complete with our normal LoF merriment.

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