So pleased to have L. David Marquet join us again to discuss his latest book - "Leadership is Language."

You are in the very capable hands of Rik Brown & Adam Ferguson - in Australia and David joins us from his home in the United States.

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A little bit of a vanity project.

LeaderShip of Films. A Top 10 countdown of the best films of the past decade.

Not much leadership discussion on this one. And some controversy too.

Rik Brown.

Carl Spurling.

Will Beattie.

Amanda Buckley.

Colin Beattie.




Why hack HR?

Enrique Rubio. Simone Carroll. Colin Beattie.

Exploring questions around why HR must reinvent now.

How can HR people shape workplaces of the future.

Leading with humanity first and technology second.

What it takes to embrace learning and push beyond our comfort zone.

Signifying a collaboration b/w #hackinghr and #leadershipoffools (HR edition)

And hold out until the end of the episode to hear from Enrique and all of the incredible opportunities to build a compelling and engaged HR network across the globe. No better time to be part of the HR profession.

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Love it Love it Love it

2019 Full of wisdom and insights and generosity.

And who knew this episode would go down such unexpected paths.

May well be the funniest episode in 2019 too.

Thank you all for listening in 2019 and we will be back bigger and better in 2020.






Todd Lichti, Kate Temby, Alice Sidhu & Rik Brown.

Incredible conversation that explores what success really means, careers, ego, #projectme, NBA basketball, first kisses, and fan fiction.

This episode is definitely worth a listen. Goes to unexpected places. Full of wisdom from four highly successful people.

James Sackl. Che e Silva. Sharyn Morton. Colin Beattie.

Embrace the question of skills of the future.

Including a fascinating insight into innovative thinking and mindset and insects.

This mini episode was recorded at a live podcast event in Melbourne Australia in November 2019.

We love helping people in finding their



Francheska e'Silva. Lorna Deng. Sharyn Morton. Colin Beattie.

Our conversation about what to do next in terms of efforts made to increase diversity, inclusion and belonging.

This is a powerful episode.

It is about lived experiences and human impact.

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Marieke Knight. Dr Julie e Silva. Colin Beattie.

Discovering Wellness and Purpose - overcoming noise and distraction.

The second conversation showcased at the Hacking HR live event recorded in Melbourne Australia.

November 2019

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Featuring Damian Zahra. Alice Sidhu. Colin Beattie.

Our conversation about Leadership. Empathy. And LifeLongLearning.

Thanks to Hacking HR and Lander & Rogers.

Recorded live in Melbourne Australia.

Thanks to our generous guests and amazing listeners.

There are 4 minis in this series. We hope you check them all out.



Recorded Live in Melbourne Australia in November 2019.

Featuring 4 conversations

- Leadership

- Wellness & Purpose

- Diversity & Belonging

- Skills

With our amazing guests Damian Zahra, Alice Sidhu, Julie E'silva, Marike Knight, Sharyn Morton, Francheska E'silva, Lorna Deng, James Sackl.

And hosts Amanda Buckley, Rik Brown & Colin Beattie




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