The Connection Economy

Given how isolated people have been during 2020 it makes sense that 2021 will showcase the inherent value within "The Connection Economy"

Colin Beattie is thrilled to join this inspiring conversation with Sharna Peters, Gail Power, Helen Butler.

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Our 21st episode of leadership & laughing in 2020 is a special one. 

Kelly Hartman continues to shape an amazing career and incredibly full and fulfilled life.

2020 has found her in Boston, London, Italy, Turkey and Greece. This has given her a cultural take on how different communities cope with health and humanity. And she has done this without being able to visit home - in Australia.

Our 15 minutes easily became 20 and then 25 because Kelly is so easy to talk with. Her conversation covers perspective, empathy, judgment, self-care, hugs and keeping it all human.

Take a listen. It is absolutely worth it.

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LeaderShip of Ghouls 2020

Gina McCartney Amanda Buckley and Rik Brown explore 2020 for all of its spooky and mysterious best (or worst)

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Warming up to Halloween 2020.

Gina, Amanda, Rik and Colin with 2019 scary stories of life in organisations.

Colin Beattie and Rik Brown cover much ground in this 2020 sense making conversation.

Going from Shock & Awe in Lockdown 1, Colin has decided to make the most lockdown by experiencing things he doesn't usually experience.

It covers art, games, music, exercise, dance, film, penguins and the hip hop scene of the early 90s.

Colin then fires up about leadership education and how people need space carved out to make sense of the leadership happening around them.

He finishes the conversation will a call out to

Alice Sidhu and Colin Beattie check in over zoom to explore the ebb and flow that is 2020.

Please note there are a few minutes in the middle where the audio is not the best. Welcome to 2020.

Alice is a regular host of LeaderShip of Fools so she knows the drill.  Just some of the territory covered:

- Time to pause and pay attention

- Perfect timing for the big questions about what is really important

- Preserves, conserves and bread makers

- Leadership as a marathon

- Self empathy and understanding

- Digital transformation - when digital adoption has been accelerated

- Cool ways to connect

- We must think about what has been working in 2020 - there are genuine positives

A perfect beginning to our week.

Fran E'silva is such a friend of LeaderShip of Fools. It is wonderful to check in with her in 2020. Amanda Buckley the perfect person to do so.

Fran showcases that she has been asking questions since 1991. And that curiosity has made such a difference in her life and in her career.

Fran makes a special shout out to celebrate and recognise the kind and empathic leaders. She acknowledges that we tend to put too much emphasis on toxic leadership.

She shares habits she has discovered from her Mum and other role models.

And 2020 has been a significant personal year for Fran. And meet Donatello her puppy. Fran is always making the most of life.

Wow. What a conversation. Leadership. Home. Purpose. Insights.

2020 has been life shaping for Damian Zahra.

Colin Beattie and Damian cover much territory.

As GM of HR at Bunnings - Damian has a critical people role for many thousands of team members and the community.

Over 20 minutes we make sense of being On Purpose. Of Reclaiming Space. Of Humanising leadership. Empathy. Right Priorities.

And Three Cs Community. Contribution and Choice.

If you have 20 minutes - this is a conversation you will want to be part of.

Rik Brown. 2020 all the way.

Host becomes Guest. Colin Beattie zooms friend, podcast host, improviser, actor, comedian and now TikTok Instagram sensation Rik Brown.

Rik shares how a simple dance routine turned into over 130 (now over 150) dances with his daughter Milly. 

Instagram _rik.brown_

Rik also shares his take on leadership and how some leaders have used 2020 as a free swing - for good and sometimes for not so good.

Finally we check in Rik's other passion - his podcast with Spark team-members Karl McConnell and Jason Geary (and sometimes Amanda Buckley) How Bout This. As it celebrates its 100th episode.

It is the host's turn to share what 2020 has meant. This episode showcases The People Spot's own Amanda Buckley in conversation with Colin Beattie.

This conversation makes us smile so much.

Amanda's story about the messiness of 2020 through the lens of creating a functional home studio is the best.

AB Positive. With laughter and tears mixed in. 

Please please please take a listen - it is one of our favourites. Oh...and please get involved with


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